Trygve Roger Solberg

Trygve Roger Solberg is Director of International Business Development at Geno Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of Geno SA, and responsible for many of the company’s export markets and some of the largest key customers in the United States. He has held this role since 2016. He firstly joined Geno SA in 2008 after defending his PhD in statistical genetics as a researcher responsible for implementing genomic selection. In 2011, Trygve took over the position of breeding manager with responsibility for the entire R&D business and operation (genetic evaluation and selection of animals) of the breeding system. Before taking the job as a research fellow at NMBU in 2005, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry (Dynal AS, now Thermo Scientific, and Qiagen). When Trygve is not at work, he spends time with his wife and two children and otherwise stays in shape with road cycling and trips in the woods and fields.

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