Tarald Øvrebø

Tarald has a background in the oil industry but wanted to be part of the green shift. In the autumn of 2016, he was admitted as a student at the newly established civil engineering program in Aquaculture and Seafood at the University of Bergen. When he graduated, he wanted to combine his knowledge with the opportunities within the blue economy through innovative and sustainable processes. Together with Sjur Øyen, he established the company ShrimpVision – a farming company exploring the potential to farm tropical shrimp (L. Vannamei) by using technology initially developed for the salmon industry. The company has proven that this is possible and has received positive feedback from its culinary mentor, chef Christopher Haatuft. Shrimpvision thinks circularly and will utilize existing waste heat that is not currently used to heat its shrimp tanks. The vision is to produce sustainable, local, fresh and healthy large prawns in a controlled system on land.

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