Morten Rye

Dr. Morten Rye has more than 30 years of experience in genetic research and applied selection in salmonids and many other aquaculture species. He was a graduate of the Agricultural University of Norway (now Norwegian University of Life Sciences), where he earned his doctorate in Animal Breeding in 1992. During his early career, he worked as a senior researcher in the genetics division in AKVAFORSK (now NOFIMA) and has played a central role in establishing Akvaforsk Genetics Center (AFGC) as a renowned provider of genetic improvement services to the Norwegian and international aquaculture sector. AFGC became part of the Benchmark Group in 2015. As Director of Genetics at Benchmark Genetics, Morten is coordinating the company’s R&D work and facilitating further development of Benchmark’s strains of salmon, shrimp, and tilapia, as well as the company’s technical deliveries to external clients.

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