Brit Hjeltnes

More than 40 years’ experience in fish health and welfare.

Brit has a background in human microbiology, an education in fish diseases management from U.S Fish and Wildlife and fish biology from University of Bergen. Brit has a degree of dr.scient in fish vaccinology and bacteriology. She has worked as Deputy Director of Fish and Shellfish at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) and as researched and Research Director in Fish Health at Institute of Marine Research (IMR). She has been a professor in fish health at University of Tromsø and has taught fish health at University og Bergen, University og Dacca, Bangladesh and University og Nha Thrang, Vietnam. Brit has published scientific papers in bacteriology, vaccinology, virology and parasitology and been an invited speaker to several conferences. She has been a member of the Norwegian Fisheries Research Board and a board member of several scientific Norwegian national Fish and Animal Health and Welfare programs an is now serving as a member of the portefolio board Oceans of the Research Council of Norway. She has been an evaluator of EU-programs as well as other national programs. Brit has been a member of evaluation committees for degree of ph dr both in Norway and EU.

Through her work at NVI and IMR, Brit has been a main advisor in fish health and has served on several Norwegian and international committees regarding fish health issues.

Brit was a member of the OIE Aquatic Animal Commission from 2013-2015 working with international standards. She has been a board member of EAS (European Association of Fish Pathologists) and the chair of the Norwegian Society of Microbiology. Since 1987, she has been a member og the ICES WG on pathology in Aquatic Organisms. She is a board member of the OIE Collaborating Center in Epidemiology. From 2003- 2019 Brit was the editor of the Norwegian Fish Health Report

Brit has significant experience in risk assessments From 2004- 2017 she was a member of the the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities’ Scientific Committees both as a member and a chair of the Panel on Animal Health and Welfare.

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